Baby’s – First Year


Whether you are a first time parent or a second time parent it is important that you get everything that you need for your Baby’s First Year. Your baby is very important to you, so you will want to get what they need ready for when you bring them home. That way you can enjoy your baby with no worries.

Whether it is a New Baby Crib, A New Car Seat, a Pack and Play, clothes, bottles, diapers, etc. you name it, the list goes on and on.

I am going to break it down in four steps on how you can be ready for your babies arrival.

  1. Cribs
  2. Car Seat
  3. Pack and Play
  4. Baby Monitors, Baby Bottles, Burp Rags, and NasalClear Battery Operated Baby Nasal Aspirator.

Buying a Crib

It is important that you as a parent get the right kind of crib that can grow with your baby. There are so many brands out there. I myself like the 3-in-1. It can change as your baby grows. There is also a 4-in-1 crib with the addition of drawers for extra space for clothes etc.

When your baby becomes a toddler you can change it into a toddler bed and then to a daybed. That is the nice thing about it, it grows with your child.

Buying one crib that you can use over and over is the best way to start out and saves you money.

Buying a Car Seat

When it comes to buying a car seat that you want, make sure that you buy a car seat that can also grow with your baby. There are 3-in-1 in those as well. These car seats can grow as your baby grows.

These car seats are design to last through all of your baby’s firsts. From infant to toddler years. Rear facing is 5- 50 lbs. Forward facing is 22-65 lbs, and the Belt positioning booster is 40-100 lbs. With these car seats they are adjustable too and can take up less room when used. Some brands may vary.

The kind of car seat that I am talking about is the EX Air Convertible Car Seat Pack and Play

Buying a Pack and Play

Buying a Pack and Play there are so many to choose from. I like the New Born Napper Pack and Play. You can use it as a Bassinet for the first few months of your baby’s life. It also has a changing table that holds up to 30 lbs. With this Pack and Play it also has a space where you can store diapers, wipes, and other baby needs.

As your baby gets older you can change it from a bassinet into the basic pack and play that you can put your baby in when they are not sleeping and wanting to play. They can also sleep in it too.

When you are traveling or going somewhere it is easy to take the pack and play with you and easy to set up when you get where you’re going.

Other essentials you will need

Baby Monitor

There are all kinds of Baby Monitors. The one that you pick is totally up to you and what you are looking for. The one that I like is the monitor where you can see and hear your baby. I like being able to watch what the little one is doing. They have monitors where you can just hear your baby also which is a little cheaper.  Some baby monitors are now app-enabled or have WiFi capabilities.

Baby Bottles

Even if you plan on nursing your baby, you will still want to get some baby bottles. That way you can store your breast milk in them and have them ready to go, that way if you are busy or are just tired others can help feed the baby. It is also nice to have baby bottles, for when you baby transitions out of breast milk to formula.

Bottles come in two sizes one is a 4 oz and the other size is a 8 oz. The smaller ones work great when they are still little. The bigger ones are wonderful when they start eating much more.

The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow is the most highly recommended brand. It helps prevent air bubbles, which will help reduce spit up, gas, colic, and even burping.

Burp Rags

The burp rags that I like to use is the 100% cotton. It is soft and comfortable to the touch. They are easy to wash and fast to dry. You can use them for more than just a burp cloth. If your baby gets a runny nose you can use them to wipe it, that way they don’t get sore.

NasalClear Battery Operated Baby Nasal Aspirator

When your child isn’t feeling well, the Nasal Clear Baby Nasal Aspirator helps to clear your baby’s stuffy nose. It has a clear collection cup so you can see the color of it and able to determine the baby’s congestion level.

It runs on batteries and it is also easy to clean up and is dishwasher safe.

Baby’s- First Year

I hope that everything that I talked about will help you find what you are looking for and helps out with you and your baby’s needs. I wish all the parents the best with your little ones. If there is any advice I can give you, it will be this. Don’t stress the small stuff, but rather enjoy all your baby s firsts. Those are the moments that matter the most. There will be many ups and downs through the years, and not everything will go perfectly. However, being a parent is so rewarding and you baby makes it all worth it. Babies grow up fast so enjoy them while they are little, but it is a joy to see them grow! Best of wishes to you and your baby’s first year.