Best Baby Carriers for Newborns

A baby carrier is ideal for moms or dads to bond with their baby. Carriers are wonderful to have for when you need to run errands or if you are going to a big event where you will be walking all day. Baby Carriers help make it easier for you to have your hands free and yet still have your baby close to you.

There are many types of baby carriers. Finding the right one for what you need can be a little challenging. I have a list of different types and brands of newborn baby carriers for you to read about.

Hug -a-bub Organic Cotton Mesh Sling Carrier

This carrier is made from a soft breathable fabric that allows air flow around your baby and is light-weight. This sling has a shoulder design that gives you the option for wider shoulder coverage and is comfortable to wear. You can carry a newborn baby or older. The one size fit all design allows a custom fit for all adults your child is no matter your shape and size. This sling insures that your baby is safe and secure. It provides support for healthy hip and spine development.

Kokadi Baby Wraps

Each Kokadi wrap is designed to adapt perfectly to the back of your baby. This helps provide a secure grip even for older babies. With Kokadi baby wraps you can carry your baby from birth through the toddler years up to 35 pounds. They can be used on the front, hip and back.

Infantino Up- Close Newborn Carrier

This carrier is designed for newborns and toddlers from 8-25 Pounds. This soft carrier supports newborns and has a close-fitting design and can grow with your baby. It has 4 different carrying positions. It also has an adjustable head support to provide your baby with comfort. The wide straps and harness will provide comfort for you as well as it evenly distributes baby’s weight and it can be machine washed.

Evenflo Infant Soft Carrier

This carrier is designed for newborn to toddlers from 7-25 pounds. This carrier has a single side-entry buckle and auto fit back straps that adjust automatically that makes it simple and safe to use. This carrier has added padding in the head rest and should straps. Your baby can face inward or outward and meets and exceeds safety standards for soft carriers. This carrier has easy to clean fabric and can be machine washed.

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

A carrier with a wrap without all the wrapping and is sized like clothing. This carrier comes in different sizes ranging from XS to XL and has multiple wearing positions for newborn to toddler from 8-35 pounds. The double-loop design provides extra security for your baby and provides you privacy for when you are nursing. The fabric is 100% natural cotton that has a one=way stretch.

Beco Toddler Carrier

This carrier has a large and deep carrier panel to provide better support for bigger baby’s. It has an Ergonomic waist belt that wraps around your hips to help take off the weight on your shoulders. It also has a sitting position to help support the thighs and back to allow a healthy growth of the hips, pelvis and spine.


When Buying a Baby Carrier

When buying a carrier for your newborn make sure to understand the special need of babies of this age. The most suitable baby carriers for babies from newborn to 5 months would be the baby ring slings and baby wraps. We all know that newborns don’t have neck support.  That is why  these type of carriers will allow your baby to curl up in a cradle carry position with good neck support. I recommend asking your doctor if you have a preemie before using a baby carrier.

I love the fact that baby carriers give you the bonding time that you need with your baby. It’s especially good for fathers as they don’t get as much bonding time with their babies as mothers do. I hope that this helps you out on deciding which baby carrier will work for you.